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My big family :


Father : H. Syamsul Arifin Ma’shum, S.Pd

Born at Malang 8 April 1946

Live at Luwuk City Central Sulawesi


Mother : Hj. Faricha Dimyati, S.Pd

Born at Bumiayu 17 December 1949

Live at Luwuk City Central Sulawesi

dewi-maria-ulfaFirst sister : Dewi Maria Ulfa, S.Si

Born at Pemalang 30 November 1974

Live at Bintaro Jaya


First brother in law : Muhammad Fatkhurrohman, SE

Born at Magelang 19 May 1972

Live at Bintaro Jaya


First niece : Shafa Izzati El Rahma

Born at Tangerang 22 April 2002

Live at Bintaro Jaya


Second sister : Dewi Rahmawati, S.S

Born at Malang 15 April 1976

Live at Cilegon


Second brother in law : Ibnu Fajar Wisesa, SE

Born at Cirebon 2 November 1968

Live at Cilegon

dewi fatmawatiThird sister : Dewi Fatmawati, SF, Apt

Born at Toli-toli 10 February 1978

Live at Tangerang

EdwinThird brother in law : Edwin, ST

Born at Jakarta 11 December 1977

Live at Tangerang


Third nephew : Setya Rizky Ma’shum Saidi

Born at Luwuk 11 November 2008

Live at Tangerang


Me : Maulana Muhammad, S.Hut

Born at Luwuk 15 February 1979

Live at Cilegon

ika laila

My wife : Ika Laila, S.TP

Born at Pematang Siantar 17 July 1982

Live at Cilegon


My daughter : Shafira Wimala Putri Maulana

Born at Tangerang 13 April 2008

Live at Cilegon

tutwuri-handayani2Fourth sister : dr. Tutwuri Handayani

Born at Luwuk 16 January 1984

Live at Makassar

jokoFourth brother in law : dr. Joko Hendarto

Born at Pinrang 27 November 1980

Mahatir Muhamad Al AyubiFirst nephew : Mahathir Muhamad Al Ayyubi

Born at Luwuk 31 May 2007

Live at Makassar

fatihSecond nephew : Miftahul Fatih Ma’shum

Born at Luwuk 10 October 2008

Live at Makassar

suryadiFather in law : Suryadi

Born at Medan 27 November 1958

Live at Medan

ratna-sMother in law : Ratna Supartiwi

Born at Medan 17 March 1959

Live at Medan

iinFirst sister in law : Iin Marlina, A.M.Keb

Born at Pematang Siantar 26 February 1984

Live at Medan

robbyFifth brother in law : Abdi Robby

Born at Pematang Siantar 2 June 1988

Live at Medan

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